Owner of Amanda Sue Studios

Team Photographer and Certified Makeup Artist

I have been in the bridal makeup industry going on almost 4 years now and am a graduate of QC Makeup Academy School. As for Photography, I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. I attended a local college in 2008 where I studied photography for 2 years and then have been working on building my portfolio for the last 16 years. My style for both makeup and photography is simple, yet elegant. I love to enhance and bring forth the natural beauty in all situations. I describe my style as clean, crisp, light and airy.


In life and my work I would define myself as a minimalist, despite how it may seem when I show up with a case of make-up or a bag filled with camera gadgets. I’m a proud Air Force wife, and Momma to my three incredible, fun-loving kiddos. I am very family oriented, coming from a very large close-knit family myself. When I’m not working, you’ll often find me barefaced, barefoot and enjoying the outdoors with my family – how can you not with all the beauty Vermont has to offer?! Some of my family's favorite outdoor past times are boating, hiking, swimming and snowboarding.

Photo by 802 Photography

Master International Makeup Professional QC Makeup Academy


Team Hair Stylist

I have 15 years of experience in a salon as well as traveling for special occasion styling. Up do’s and helping brides feel their best on their most important day is my passion. Following my Air Force husband around the country has giving me many incredible opportunities to work with all types of clients in various avenues.

I’m a mom of three, two beautiful girls and a rambunctious little boy. Our family has recently settled back in our home state of Vermont and I can’t wait to jump head first into the Vermont wedding scene!


Team Hair Stylist

Owner of Medusas Hair Den

I’ve been in the hair industry for going on 12 years. I’ve owned my own salon for 6 years now. As much as I love being behind the chair and coloring, I also love being a part of your big day! I take a great amount of pride in making you feel beautiful on your big day! I love meeting all your family and friends and sharing the experience with you all.

A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Milton VT. Although we’ve moved around a few times, We settled in the same town my husband and I grew up in. We bought a home 3 years ago and put in a in home salon. We have one amazing and beautiful daughter named Lilyanah. I’m a huge animal lover and we have 5 of them! (I’m not crazy I promise!) We have a Vizsla Pitt mix who’s the best boy ever, a Great Dane who’s as goofy as she is cute, a grumpy old cat and a bearded dragon and a fish! I come from a very close family myself. My parents and one of my sisters are only a few minutes down the road from me while my other sister is not far away in Fairfax. If I’m not working you can typically find me hanging out at home with my daughter and husband or doing some kind of a family function. I try really hard to keep a good work life balance which can be challenging at times when you’re a working mom, sometimes it can be chaotic and crazy but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world!