This guide was created with you in mind, to bring you digestible information that walks you through the process of choosing what you wear on your photoshoot! What you wear can make or break your photos!

What you wear is like the quality of paint you use to create a piece of art. Poor quality, and the art suffers!

At the end of the day, I want you to feel and look like yourself. So get comfy and take 10 minutes to walk through this guide.

Obviously I'm giving out guidelines and wardrobe expertise for photography, so of course, don't just wear sweatpants and a hoodie.

apply all of this to what you already know looks good on you and makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Here are my creative pointers...


Take a look at whatever is already in your closet, and go from there! Don't immediately jump to: "Let's buy something new that I'd never wear in real life!" Totally cool if you want something new and special for your shoot, but just make sure it reflects who you've been all along!

If you want something new, maybe wear it a few times before the actual shoot day, and think about how you like it on yourself!

How does it make you feel when you are in social settings or when you look in the mirror? Same thing with something-you've-always-had, make sure you do love wearing it, and it makes you feel confident/comfortable!


Make sure you can move in your outfit very easily, and it's a huge added bonus if the piece itself moves as well!

TRY: Flowy, airy, fun, textured, soft, etc... AVOID: Stiff, crisp, business, starchy, etc...


Look for a piece that you won't regret wearing in 5 years. Maybe something that has already stood the test of time. Use what I call: "The 5 and 5 rule." 5 years ago you could have probably worn it, and in 5 years you could probably still wear it!

All you

Make sure it has that classic, trademark, YOU Stamp on it! Whether it's something old or new!


Avoid crisp or starchy clothes that make you feel constricted or overly formal.

stay away from blazers or business-wear. we want a comfortable, cozy, fun version of you!

At all costs, avoid sports/athletic wear, gym clothes or gym shoes.

If logos or branding are bigger than a quarter, try to look for something else without any branding or words on it!

last thing: stay away from trendy patterns and bright/neon colors!

Let's talk about COLOR...

I always recommend neutrals and earthy-toned colors that visually fit into the natural/earthy surroundings we are shooting in! You want to avoid the highly-manufactured / bright / aggressive colors and tones that just don’t look like they belong in a natural setting, because they will stand out like a sore thumb, and will end up looking out of place in the final photo.

When it comes to color, you do want to stand out from your surroundings, but still look like you belong there.

That said, One or two pops of color pair nicely with neutrals everywhere else. For example, If you do have a pop of color in the outfits, it’s nice to not overcrowd that color (or 2) with other ones. on the right are some recommended neutrals and colors!


When you think about what clothes will look best for your shoot specifically, you want to take into account the location you are shooting at and the season you are shooting in.

Location can oftentimes dictate what the best colors and outfits are going to be, because the location is bringing its own vibe, colors, textures, and theme. Back to the painting analogy at the beginning, think about your location as a painting that is already painted, and now we have to paint YOU into the picture. What are we going to have you wearing? What will look best up against that backdrop? What makes most sense in that location?

Second, take the season into account.

In the winter months there isn't much color (or light), so you want to add something with color or bold texture that makes your photos POP and gives them dimension.

The summer months, on the other hand, are a completely different story! You could probably wear all whites/creams or all neutrals and still get away with it (I wouldn’t always recommend this), because the light and the color of the season would be captivating enough on their own!

All that said, I totally realize that this is the most creative-heavy or artistic-heavy section of this guide, so I’m totally here to give the most help in this area!

Last thing: don’t stress about this! We’ll make sure you look good either way.

As always touch base with me if youd like some guidance on what to wear!